Wednesday, July 25, 2012


So, I feel bad that I went a couple days without blogging... mainly it was because I'm trying to figure out how to use Gimp. It may not happen. I may have to break down and buy Photoshop after the first paycheck... Photoshop I know how to use.
Blogger on the other hand. It's odd because as people get more technologically savvy I think some sites are making it harder and harder to use their services. Blogger being one of them. I used to have the option to just open up the HTML editor and go at it. Now I can't find any way of doing that... which annoys me. ANYway...
Last night I made Spanish class room labels because everyone I spoke to seemed so excited that I have a basic knowledge of Spanish lol. I just used markers and sentence strips which I hope to laminate. I hope one day to get an image editing software so I can make cute owlie ones :).

Oh so... to the point of this post. Today I hit up the dollar spot. OH EM GEE you guys! I found this write on wipe off multiplication and division cards! I bought 6 sets. I figure they can be a center of some kind. I AM SO EXCITED! I also got cardboard magazine bins. I figure I'll put each days plans in one (I got five) including copies made and everything. Then on Monday at the end of the day when the bin is empty I'll get everything together for the next Monday and drop it in the box. That way I'm not scrambling on the day of. I also got some stamps and stickers for the kiddos :)

My mentor teacher did multiplication sheep where the kids drew circles for each times table and when they passed a test they glued a cotton ball to the sheep so it was all fuzzy by the end of the year. I'm was trying to figure out a way to do this with owls but I don't think it would work so well with feathers.  My Aunt Lynn just retired from teaching (35 years in 4th and 5th) and saved a lot of her stuff for me. One of the things was a giant wall giraffe. I am planning on doing a reading island (area of the room with a carpet, pillows and palm trees and parrots on the wall) and I am planning on putting my giraffe in that area. I may try to incorporate our multiplication bulletin board in with the giraffe by having them color a giraffe yellow and draw his spots with the numbers inside, and then as we pass the test we can glue brown felt over the spots. Thoughts? I also thought briefly of monsters since I have the bulletin board set for Furry Friends from trend. They can draw their monsters and divide it into 12ths to color in as they pass the test?

ANYway, again, it is almost 1 am! off to bed I go!

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