Friday, July 27, 2012

Jitters Link up and a good day of shopping!

So today I decided to do a link up with Fierce in Fourth for First Day Jitters.

Since this is my first year teaching, I'm sure you can imagine, I have all kinds of worries. One top of that, I know next to nothing about the area I'm teaching in. All I know is that I'm teaching third grade and the school rates pretty well on great schools.
So here we go:
1) I'm super nervous that maybe all of the training and subbing I've done doesn't show anything and I'm not as prepared for this as I think I am.
2) The closer I get to moving the more new kid in school thoughts I'm having 'What if no one likes me' etc.
3) I will be working just outside a military base so theoretically I will have kids moving out and in all year long. I worry that I don't know how to handle that (because I've never had to) and it will cause way too much disruption just because I'm being stupid lol.

Aside from that I just have a general case of the squeams. I feel like I'm getting ready to go off to College again. And the nearest five below to this place is about 2 hours away. Same for the Christmas Tree Shop. JoAnn and Books-A-Million are both about 45 minutes... how do these people get their teaching supplies?!

Moving on:
I'm packing some and making some stuff today. I have a nice little pile going on in my parents living room involving books and posters my Aunt sent me. My kitchen stuff and classroom stuff since I don't need that any time soon. I'm moving in 16 days. My mother is pretty annoyed that I'm not completely packed. I don't think she realizes that I'm still here longer than 2 weeks and still need things like... my clothes.
Yesterday I went to five below and got 2 packs of hi-lighters, a squishy ball (for silent ball), 4 pencil cups (sharp, unsharp, hi-lighters, pens), some dry erase crayons, playing cards, and some window markers... oh and some dice! all for under 15 dollars. I also went to the dollar spot at Target and got some foam clocks for them 'What time is..?' bulletin board circulating Pinterest, some trays for completed papers, some more of those wipe off math cards (I'm obsessed!), and a lesson book. And then I went to Hobby Lobby and got some pom poms and goggly eyes for Quiet Critters and some card stock and magnets. I plan on pasting all the stuff I've printed to the card stock before I laminate it to make it sturdier. I plan on making subject labels for the homework board and putting magnets on the back to put them on the board.
These are my plans... lets see if I accomplish them :)


  1. I am a little envious....I would love to move up to NC. In fact, I'm here right now on vacation. I had to laugh because I was at Target's Dollar Spot and picked up some of the same things you did. Good luck on your move and new adventure.

  2. First let me say WELCOME TO NC!!!! I would love to be your newest follower but can't seem to find the "join this site" button:( I just nominated you for an award so come on by to pick it up! I am a newbie blogger and would love for you to become a follower and possibly join my Favorite Classroom Songs Linky Party Music in the classroom can make all the difference...
    Teaching with Z

  3. I just found you! Come check us out sometime. I would love to be a follower too! I can't find the follw me button for your blog! :)


  4. Found you on the newbie blog hop and would love for you to hop on over and check out my blog. I'm a very newbie and I'll be posting more about my class once I get back to school in a week. I'm a 3rd grade teacher, so maybe my posts and pinterest boards will give you some ideas for your class.
    Your newest follower,

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